Crime Prevention Watching Volunteer Rennokai

What is "Ren-no-kai"?

100% Volunteer Association. In order to ensure the safety of local children, this group focuses on sharing local information and is committed to crime prevention, such as watching over them.
It is the community that keeps watching over children.The Association is active patiently in order to create a community environment where children can grow up with peace of mind, centered on the parents and guardians of Musashioka Elementary School students and graduates.Our "ren" is still weak and small, but we will accumulate one year and one year, and aim for a solid "ren" that takes root in the region.
We would like to ask for your participation and cooperation so that children can grow up safely in the community.

Activities of the Association

Watching activities

Watch over your children as much as possible in your daily life.It is not an activity that uses special time or changes the pattern of life for the purpose of the watching.
When we see children when we leave home or I go home, or when we clean, go shopping, we watch over my children.
Hachisan Activities-Watching Children's Going to and From School
(From 8:00 for 30 minutes from 15:00 for 1 hour)
Walking, shopping, and other things to watch children when we go out

Information exchange

The receive security information from neighboring elementary and junior high schools, police, and government, mainly at Musashioka Elementary School, and sends it to members by group e-mail.Except in an emergency, regular reports are made once every two to three months.In a busy life, members learn about local events and crime prevention situations by e-mail from Ren, and raise awareness of crime prevention.

This time, thanks to Roka Park Shopping Street Promotion Association, we have set up this good page on the site of "Everyone's Roka Park".In the future, I would like to inform you of local crime prevention information, including monitoring activities.We would like to ask for your cooperation so that the local "ren" will become a powerful "ren".

Our motto is "What we can do, when we can, and as much as we can."Your good intentions and the warm eyes of the community will protect our children. We ask you to cooperate in the monitoring activity.

If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact us.
Contact information

Ren no Kai secretariat Tsuchiya Tsuji