Karasuyama Shimochokai

The Asahiyama Town Association is a town council that consists of Kita-Kashiyama 1-chome (excluding sendayama-machi-kai), Nantoyama 1-chome (excluding The Kogaya-kai), 2 chome 31-37, and the entire Area of Minami-Kashiyama 3-chome, and disaster prevention and crime prevention activities, environmental beauty, etc. We are engaged in activities for life and community development, such as interaction activities.

The Importance of Community Activities

The literary master Tokutomi Kaoru Kosuke loves it very much, and he moves to this place with His wife Aiko, and becomes the land of the town, and the land of the mountain flower full of nature rich humanity. This time, the local "Kashiwaka Park Shopping Street Promotion Association" has started to launch a website and start utilizing it as a base for disseminating information together.
On behalf of the local town council and community association, I would like to congratulate you.Thank you for your opening operation.
As well as the local shopping district, as a key point of the activities of My Town, we will work activities such as bright and comfortable town development and friendship and good-neighbor friendship between the members of the town association and disaster relief and mutual support in this Asahi Yamashita town association. We will make further efforts to all of the local community.
In addition, the town council starts the traffic safety movement every spring and autumn every year, fire prevention disaster prevention training co-hosted by the year-end security and school facilities, bus training sessions for police and firefighting facilities in the summer, and "Shitamachi Festival" are held in the beginning of June.
We hope that you will continue to work with the shopping district to make progress on urban development.Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.

Kazuo Takahashi, Chairman of the Town Council of Kashiwayamashita