Daiwa Shoji Real Estate

Founded in 1950
If you are looking for an apartment, a condminium, a parking lot, or land in a Roka Park area, please talk to us.

The shop is 1-minute walk from the north exit of Roka Park Station (actually 30 seconds).
It's been 70 years since We started the business in Roka Park street.
"I need a parking lot because I am going to buy a car!"
"I'm getting married, so want a new house!"
"I want to sell my house in Tokyo because I'm moving to the country!"
"I want to live in a larger house because my family has been bigger!"
Please contact us in such cases.
All staff are waiting for you.

Store information

Industry Real Estate Brokerage Management
Address 3-1-13 Minamikarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-3308-0003
Fax number 03-3308-0087
Business hours and regular holidays Business hours
Day 9:00-18:00
Sunday 10:00-18:00
Thursdays and public holidays
Homepage http://www.daiwa3.jp/